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Risk & Insurance Blogging: Announcing the New ClearRisk Blog!

There have been many exciting things happening at ClearRisk in the past few months! The ClearRisk team has been working hard to better serve our customers. We have made a new release for our product ClearRisk Manager, making the risk management application easier to use than ever. Our development team has made a great effort in ensuring the product is more intuitive and user-friendly. Full details on the ClearRisk Manager Summer Release 3.1 can be found here. Risk Management Solutions

Along with these new changes, I am pleased to announce that ClearRisk has officially launched a new website! now has improved navigation, easily accessible risk management resources, and it features our newest application, an automated underwriting solution, ClearRisk Underwriter.

In order to make the move for our website, we also had to move our blog’s location.  Our risk management blog will no longer be found at the URL, and instead will be located here:

I am grateful to have so many loyal subscribers, and I ask that you continue to  follow our blog at its new location! All current subscribers will need to resubscribe at the blog’s new location.

All of my previous blog posts have been moved to the new blog, so that you can still check back on old favorites. In the next few weeks, I will shut down this blog and it will redirect to the new one. Please subscribe to ClearRisk’s new blog to continue receiving risk management and insurance industry updates, tips, articles and insights. You can read my new blog post here: Adapt or Die: 3 Critical Insurance Technology Trends. 

See you at the new location!


Craig Rowe

Click here to go to the new blog.


ClearRisk Social Media Giveaway: Winner Announcement!

A month ago, ClearRisk launched a contest to give back to our devoted followers on social media. We received over 4,000 entries to win an iPad 2 through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). In particular, our Social Media Giveaway blog post received some great comments in response to the question, “What does Risk Management mean to you?”

And the winner is ……..?ClearRisk iPad

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Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed (Part 2)

This is the second of a series of posts entitled Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed. Click to read our previous risk management Twitter feed post.

With a busy and constantly updating Twitter feed, it is sometimes easy to miss great risk management content. Last month, we noted some of the most popular blog posts and articles that have been shared on the @ClearRisk twitter feed.  Risk Management Twitter Feed

First, we tweeted about The 10 Best Industry Blogs, a post from Risk Management Monitor. This was our top clicked-on link for risk management news; the post acknowledges 10 of the best blogs in the risk management and insurance industry. We would also like to thank Risk Management Magazine for recognizing our blog amongst these great industry resources. Risk Management Monitor provides daily stories, commentary, interviews, and more, all related to the risk management and insurance industry.  Be sure to visit Risk Management Monitor and read the blogs mentioned within the full post!

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ClearRisk Named in Top 10 Industry Blogs by Risk Management Monitor

In February 2011, Risk Management Monitor posted the article 10 Best Industry Blogs, highlighting the top blogs in the risk management and insurance industry.Top Ten Risk Management Blog Here at ClearRisk, we are more than honored that our Risk Management blog was chosen as one of the top 10  industry blogs for risk management information.

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How to Make Your Clients Understand the Value of Risk Management

Recently, I wrote a guest post for our partners Sitkins International. ClearRisk is a strategic partner of Sitkins International and provides Sitkins members with a way to deliver the risk reduction approach online ™.

This post summarizes the first of three steps in helping your clients understand the value of risk management.Risk Management Value

The insurance market is fiercely competitive.  Insurance agents and brokers (hereinafter agents) need ways to create a competitive advantage to attract and retain business.  There is a great opportunity for agents to really differentiate themselves by helping clients to manage risk more broadly than just providing insurance coverage.  The greatest challenge is that most of your clients don’t know anything about risk management; so how do you make them see the value?

Here are 3 how-to steps:

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25 Quick Tips To Get Started With Your Risk Management Planning (Part 1 / 5 )

This is the first installment of five blog posts that summarize the 25 quick tips from my eBook, “Insurance Premiums Are Killing My Business”.  The risk management ebook is a great start for any small to medium-sized business owners that are curious about starting the risk management planning process.

The tips below have been written with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, although the same principles should be employed by very large businesses.  Risk Management ebook

1. Budget for Insurance Price Fluctuations. A key goal of any good risk management plan is to be aware that the insurance market is cyclical and that if prices have been flat or dropping for a few years that they will go up again. Plan for it by budgeting at the top end of the market.

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Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed

This is the first of  a series of blog posts titled:   Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed

Twitter is an amazing resource to stay current on what’s happening in the risk and insurance industry.  Every day we sift through the mounds of new articles and websites to suggest things that many of you would find helpful or interesting ( in 140 characters or less). For our readers who aren’t familiar with Twitter, here is a brief explanation of how it works:  and here is a link to ClearRisk’s Twitter feed where we publish information daily:

We’ve been fortunate enough at ClearRisk to meet a lot of interesting people that we follow daily to keep up on what’s happening across the globe in the risk and insurance industry.

There are a few thought leaders who regularly grab our attention with new blog posts and tweets. After you follow us on Twitter, be sure to check these guys out:

@RiskMgmt. Jared Wade is the editor of the RIMS-published magazine, Risk Management and  the RIMS-published blog  Risk Management Monitor. This particular blog post outlines the reality of what a risk can do to you in your industry by pointing out the net income of different players in the energy industry (

“RIMS-published magazine Risk Management” and “RIMS-published blog Risk Management Monitor”

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