Disclosure Statement

ClearRisk is a Canadian company and is therefore not subject to the FTC regulations on blog disclosure. With that said, it is important to us to be completely open about The ClearRisk Blog and about our intentions. Really, what would a risk management blog be without some formal risk management?

The goals and objectives of the ClearRisk Blog are:

  • To offer valuable risk management content to readers
  • To create awareness of the ClearRisk brand
  • To form industry relationships with other risk management companies, with other bloggers, and with blog readers

The ClearRisk Blog is constantly in transition. While we do try to provide risk management content that will be useful now and in the future, do keep in mind that content validity can change over time.

Because we are human, from time to time we do make mistakes. If an error is brought to our attention, we will try our best to correct that mistake and make the change known to our audience.

The ClearRisk Blog often provides links to third party content and pages that support that blog post’s topic. While we do check and re-check our external links, it is possible for URLs to change and to point to different pages than originally intended.

We work diligently to make sure that any download links we provide through our blog are working and are in no way harmful to your computer. With that said, downloading anything from the ClearRisk Blog is at the user’s own risk.

The ClearRisk Blog will not hold any of the authors, the blog administrator, or any employees of ClearRisk libel for what is said or displayed on the blog. While we do strive to provide valuable risk management lessons over opinions

Photographs and images used within posts on The ClearRisk Blog are exclusively third party resources. Any images chosen for use on The ClearRisk Blog are posted with full permission, attribution given to the owner and with direct links to the source provided.

Any organizations, products, services or resources promoted through the ClearRisk blog are promoted in the interest of making our audience aware of the resources and organizations that can help them better their risk management efforts. ClearRisk Inc. receives no financial or material gain in doing so.

The authors and blog administrator work together to post only those comments that pertain to ClearRisk and The ClearRisk Blog. We welcome all related comments – both positive and negative. ClearRisk is not responsible and will not be held liable for any comments made on the blog and its entries.

It is our intention to do no harm to our readers. We do not intend our content to be taken as fact nor absolute. ClearRisk provides resources, tips and advice to be taken into the readers’ consideration. Should any harm or loss come from the use of these resources, tips and advice, ClearRisk and The ClearRisk Blog is not to be held responsible.

If you have any questions about ClearRisk, The ClearRisk Blog or this disclosure statement, please Contact Us.

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